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Ahwatukee Rugby Club Registration

Join Ahwatukee rugby club!


u14, U16 and High School Registration Information

Be sure to follow the steps in order.  All forms, links and supplemental instructions are listed in order below.

Step 1:  Register with USA Rugby and pay registration fee
Step 2:  Create Sport Engine account and become a member of the Club
Step 3:  Complete Ahwatukee Rugby Club online registration forms

Please contact Kathy Tushingham with any questions or concerns at (602) 684-4757.


STEP 1: USA Rugby Registration

Go to the registration website:

First time user, create an account.  Returning users log back in and it will have your information on file.

Register the player for the appropriate Ahwatukee Rugby Club team in the State of Arizona:

Ahwatukee Rugby Club - Boys HS  (HS, U16)
Ahwatukee Rugby Club - Girls HS (HS, U16)

Ahwatukee Rugby Club - Youth Tackle (U14)

USA Rugby cost:

  • $70 for HS/U16 division
  • $60 for Youth Tackle

Be sure to write down your USA CIPP number.  You will need this number for your club registration form.

STEP 2: Create Sport Engine Account and Become a Member of the ahwatukee Rugby Website

First: Scroll back up to the top left hand side of this page and click on Create an account.
This takes you to the Sport Engine Platform where you will create a SportEngine account.  If you already have a SportEngine account from another sport group (e.g. you've registered thru RAMMS for Flag Football) you do not need to create another account.  The SportEngine platform links your account to all the Team Websites that you become a member of.   

Second, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox to confirm activation.

Third, after you click on the Activate My Account link in the email you will be redirected back to this website.

Fourth, in the top left corner it will now show your username, plus a link to Become A Member.  Click on this link to become a member of the Ahwatukee Rugby website.

You are now a member of the website and can proceed with the online registration forms for your player (Step 4 below).

Sport Engine will eventually become the Team's main form of communication.  An app for your smartphone is available where you can favorite your player's team (search for the Ahwatukee Rugby Club and then select the team you want to follow).

Please note:

When creating an account, please create the account for the parent/guardian.

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account. Players of this age who have their own email/cell phones should also create an account.

If you are creating a SportsEngine Account to register your child, you must still create the account in your name and with your own information. Once you register the child, their information will be added as a sub-profile on your account and will be located in the Household section of your Account Settings.

Sport Engine User's Guide

STEP 3: Ahwatukee rugby Club Registration

Club registration is where we collect your information and you order the size of uniform you need.

Club fees include a uniform kit (socks, shorts, game day shirt and tackle jersey) for the players to keep.  A match day Ahwatukee Rugby jersey will be provided by the Club and will need to be returned to the Club after the game.

The player's annual individual registration with USA Rugby (included 3rd party liability insurance) is separate and is the player's responsibility.

Player Dues:
$125  U14 Tackle
$140  High School and U16 Tackle

For payment, we accept checks made out to Ahwatukee Rugby, cash or credit card via our secure site.

You must complete the AHWATUKEE RUGBY Registration Form in one sitting.  It is recommended that this is completed on a PC.

You will need to have all of these items ready before you begin:

  1. USA Rugby number
  2. Player height and weight
  3. Health insurance card
  4. A head shot photograph of the player which will need to be uploaded to the registration form
  5. A photo of the player's high school ID which will need to be uploaded to the registration form (U16/HS only)
  6. City of Phoenix residents need a copy of water bill which will need to be uploaded into the registration form.

The Ahwatukee Rugby Club Code of Conduct and the Ahwatukee Rugby Club Permission and Release Forms will be signed electronically during the registration process.  The forms are attached here for your reference.

Limited financial support is available for players that are unable to afford the Ahwatukee Rugby Club fees.  Complete the online registration and the attached Financial Assistance form.  The completed form should be submitted to

Please note that there are different links for HS (HS/U16) and U14 registration.  Please click on the appropriate bar below to begin the registration process.

The Registration "Ahwatukee Rugby Club Registration" is not currently available.

The Registration "Ahwatukee Rugby Club Registration" is not currently available.